About Steadicopter

Steadicopter designs, builds and manufactures state of the art Rotary Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Over the past several years, Steadicopter developed various unmanned rotorcrafts based on its successful Flight Control System .

Steadicopter Ltd. was established in 2005 as a prestige Technion entrepreneurial incubator company, concentrating on automatic helicopter flight control and model helicopters.

In mid 2006 Steadicopter produced it’s first unmanned robotic helicopter (Rotary Unmanned Aerial VehicleRUAV) demonstrator, which successfully flew autonomously. It performed a vertical take-off, flew between waypoints, and landed. During these demonstrations there was no communication between the RUAV and the pilot operator.

Since then, Steadicopter has developed and produced the Black Eagle Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) based on a new helicopter design with an improved flight computer, mission computer and ground control system. The Black Eagle RUAVs take off, hover, fly and land fully autonomously, and can be operated by an untrained user. The system was designed to meet with military requirements.

Steadicopter is ISO-9001/2008 certified for development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

In addition, it is authorized by the The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) for operating in Israel’s civil airspace.


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